Pro Bono Work

Founded in March 2020, Franklin Scott Conway LLP immediately ceased all business activities and fully dedicated itself to pro bono work as the pandemic rocked the nation with shortages of medical supplies.  Working tirelessly, the firm obtained critical supplies of medications and other necessary items for numerous state pharmacies.  The firm’s professionals have over their careers devoted extensive time and resources to pro bono work on multiple fronts, including:

Personal Safety and Crime Prevention

Constitutional Rights

Physical and Mental Health

Education and The Arts

I really appreciate your time and all that you have done so far to support our COVID-19 response efforts in West Virginia.  Thank you for watching out for WV and the fine people that call it home.  We appreciate you and all your support.

Timothy J. Priddy
Medical Countermeasures Program Manager
Department of Health and Human Resources
Center for Threat Preparedness
West Virginia

I also want to thank the law firm of Franklin Scott Conway who facilitated this donation and is working with Amneal pro bono. I am encouraged by the stories of businesses and individuals helping each other during these challenging times.

Tim Griffin
Lieutenant Governor

A great donation from a group of business leaders.

Charles L. Spicer, Jr.
President and CEO
Oklahoma University Medical System

Thank you very much for your help.

Trevor Douglass, DC, MPH
Oregon Prescription Drug Program
& Pharmacy Purchasing Director
Health Policy & Analytics
Office of Delivery System Innovation
Oregon Health Authority

Thanks for all your help!

James A. Hoyer
Major General
West Virginia Army National Guard

…this is an exceptionally generous gift to the people of Arkansas.

Dr. Cam Patterson
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Very generous.  Thank you.

Jim Watson
Chief Financial Officer of
Oklahoma University Medical System

Thank you so much for your generous donation. Michigan really needs these meds!

Brenna L. Roos
Private Sector Liaison
Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division
Michigan State Police

Truly thank you!  On behalf of some very devoted clinicians who are trying to help the generalizable knowledge regarding care of COVID-19 patients through protocols, this donation goes a long way to helping everyone better understand the proper care of COVID-19.

Todd R. Fredricks, DO
State Surgeon West Virginia National Guard
Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Thank you so much for your coordination of acquisition of hydroxychloroquine for the state of Mississippi.

Meg Pearson, PharmD, MS
Director, MSDH Pharmacy