At the heart of Franklin Scott Conway’s efforts to assist with criminal justice reform is the book Your Transition by FSC Founding Partner Talcott J. Franklin.  Tal started his career as a juvenile rehabilitation counselor in a maximum security unit, and he understands the challenges faced by incarcerated individuals and their critical need for guidance in using their incarceration to better equip themselves for their eventual release.

Your Transition is available at no charge to all rehabilitation facilities, including mental health and addiction treatment centers. Your Transition is written in simple language and is designed to help readers expand their vocabularies while learning information that will help them find work, meaningful relationships, and economic security upon their release.

Your Transition is available in book form or digital form where it is read aloud as the words are highlighted on the screen, helping to strengthen reading skills.  Your Transition also comes with a workbook that readers can use to set goals, make to do lists, and perform exercises that will promote their successful reintegration into society.

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