John Scott, Founding Partner, Attorney at Law

Governor Greg Abbott appointed Franklin Scott Conway Founding Partner John Scott Texas Secretary of State effective October 27, 2021.

Aside from the other duties of Secretary of State, John will become the primary economic development officer for the State of Texas.  In this role, he will work to bring new business to Texas and help existing businesses expand their Texas operations.

“We are excited that this appointment recognizes John’s exceptional competency, integrity, and commitment to the State of Texas,” said FSC Managing Partner Shannon Conway.  “As a preeminent economic development firm, FSC looks forward to working with the State of Texas to help innovative companies expand or launch their Texas operations.”

“Founding FSC with my good friend of over 20 years John Scott was an absolute joy,” said FSC Co-Founding Partner Talcott J. Franklin.  “Texas is gaining an appointed official who is, first and foremost, a great human being.”

“John is a loyal Texan who cares deeply about his State and has extensive relationships on both sides of the aisle,” commented FSC COO T.W. (Bill) Baugh III.  “From Assistant Attorney General to Chief Operations Officers of Health and Human Services to Chair of Texas Information Services, John has served Texas in an exceptional manner. We know John will be a phenomenal Texas Secretary of State.”